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Michael Berkens: What New gTLD's Can Learn From Namejet .PW Auctions & Godaddy's .LA Auction This Week Source: Time:Jul 20, 2013

Over this past week both Namejet.com and Godaddy.com ran auctions of re-branded ccTLD's and I think the results are a preview of what's to come for new gTLD's that attempt the same strategy.



Namejet.com ran an auction of .PW single character domain names; single letter domains and single numbered domain names.


The highest bid I saw on any of those domains was the domain X.pw, which got a single bid of over $4,400.


Several domains received bids of $3K or more, while most of the domain had a high bid of $1,111.


I'm not sure what the reserve price of the domain names were, but it seems as if they had a reserve of $5K or more, which in my opinion is too high for a .PW domain when you're trying to sell them in bulk, all at the same time through an online auction house.



The Godaddy .LA auction generated some $25,000 in sales, however the highest price paid was $1,720 and only 4 domain names, sold for $1,000 or more.


In all, out of 273 domain names in the Godaddy .LA auction, only 112 sold meaning that only about 60% of the domain couldn't even get a $100 bid.


There is a place for the online auction houses in the new gTLD sales process, however, just flooding auction houses and the market with an endless supply of premium domains, is not the right strategy.


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